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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.


Service of a child. Prevention of streptococcal impetigo in babies


That personal experience does not know streptoderma manifestations, observe goodness personal hygiene. In the case of micro-traumas of the face, such as abrasions, cuts, bites, must as soon so potential antiseptic.

Make sure that the baby did not possess internal diseases - this do it susceptible to variant kinds of microbes. Let the kid from childhood accustomed to rightly and fully fed, more walk, engage in effectual sports.

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Newborn. Valgus foot deformity in babies


You can beginning with a pediatrician recommends direct exposure to the virus, the causative agent (there are much of limited preparations for a development of its own interferon).

You can begin to treat a symptoms, and current pharmacological market offers a wide selection of products multisimptomnyh (antipyretic, analgesic and tonic in one tablet or suspension). It should be noted that for fever in children recommend medicine containing acetaminophen, but not aspirin.

Medic assistance will enjoy no effect if you do not provide a child a correct mode, if they do not stay in bed, so at least sedentary. And need refrain from prolonged television viewing. It is important to regularly ventilate a room the child and do wet cleaning twice per day.

Child nutrition in the therapy of SARS must be easy. Fatty, fried foods - not able to cope with than a attenuated cold body. Emphasis - on vitaminized food and plenty of fluids.

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Care of a newborn. Folk remedies for worms children


But most moms and dads believe that not however antihelminthic drugs and harmless so doctors talk some it. And prefer to treat the children from worms folk remedies.

In traditional pharmacy, there are a lot of ways to destroy a worms that can be applied to treat the baby. Doctors often do not have anything against these recipes, but they believe that a medication you do not fit - for prevention. And warn that in any cases may even harm a newborn, choosing too aggressive means.

This is in fact the case, so resorting to the national treatment of worms in babies, apply extreme caution and weigh each resolution. Put into account the age, presence of chronic diseases and disorders, and portability to baby those components.

A most popular among moms and dads apply such folk remedies for worms in infants:

Give the newborn to drink on an empty stomach 100-200 grams of good carrot nectar for TWO-3 week. In this case, To the note that a violations in a digestive tract of a sweet juices should be avoided.

Also efficient against worms is the home ripe tomato breeding juice - give a newborn too, with 100 grams fasting.

If the juices are contraindicated, can be given to eat recent carrots, but tight marked effect in this case, do not expect.

Highly beneficial, specifically for kids with intestinal diseases are pumpkin seeds.

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Moms. Feeding a baby in months


For every loving mom, newborn's heartiness is a top priority in the growth of the newborn. However, given a fact that for every newborn's age thought the schedule for, the question arises: what food is right for my child? Or so to organize a newborn's schedule for at varied ages. Try to answer Your questions, focusing on a basic and most momentous points. Consider feeding children from the first days of life and up to 1 year.

How, we all know that the most valuable in feeding a baby is warm milk.

For a child baby, and babies under a age of 2 weeks, significant is the number of meal intake and a number of feedings. In basic, a capacity of a portion of breast milk should be 90-140 ml. The number of meals 6-7 minutes a day, ie any three or four hours.

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Tenotome: statement


Despite the fact that tenotome - homeopathic remedy allergic reactions to components all are potential. A manual as well states that babies under three years of pills may not give. Although a treatment of pediatric practice Tenotenom and small kids, but a dosage should be decreased in accordance with a age, weightiness and other factors, knows about the physician.

If you know that a newborn's life to be stress (kindergarten, school, travel, parents' divorce, a new mom or dad), are beginning to tenotome 2-3 week prior to the proposed case, of course, following consultation with a medic.

Tenotome not only may, but need be applied fairly long courses, so do not worry about it, because homeopathy is cumulative, not immediate effect - is long-playing treatment.

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Newborn. When a baby is given vitamins?


In a calendar year, there are times when a women's body regardless of age, specifically in need of "feeding" vitamins. This is often in a offseason. Specifically, later the winter weakened the newborn asks all kind of reinforcement. A general symptoms of hypovitaminosis (vitamin deficiency), to be brought to attention and respond - lethargy, lack of appetite, and drowsiness.

Be alert to these signs and not to neglect a situation, so in a case of neglect occurs beriberi (severe lack of vitamin). A infants began to peel off a face, exfoliate a nails.

What may we do to support a newborn's body in a right tone? Of course, some of a essential vitamin a baby receives special with meals. But for the fast growing small organism that is not enough.

So, talking to your medic, It is possible to give the baby vitamin supplements in pill form or a confection syrup.

At what age want a child be given vitamin? These children request to get a womb.

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Newborn maintenance. Medication of colds


As to beat a coldness, every parent to solve. Somebody prefers traditional methods, some - tried drugs, anyone - just call your physician. In the case, guided by the treatment of several moms and dads have one absolute for all rules:

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